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Who is
Cerberus Works?

We are a Creative Digital Studio based in Jakarta. Founded in 2012 by three like-minded friends who shared same idealism and ambition.

Our services include everything a business needs to grow from mobile app & web development to graphic design & digital marketing. We provide solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Modern Customer Journey

The customer journey refers to the stages that your customers go through before deciding to buy your product or service. And our services aim to ensure your success at every stage of the customer journey.

Transform your customer experience and drive business growth with our innovative solutions

Stage 1 - Awareness

Awareness is the early stage of this journey, where customers begin to learn about your brand and what your brand is capable of (your products or services). Maximizing your channels to gain brand awareness is the key in this stage.

Our Service in this stage:

Logo & Visual Identity, Brand Guidelines, SEO, SEM, Social Media Content, Advertisement

Stage 2 - Findability

When customers begin to become aware of their problem and start searching for ways to solve it, your brand should be visible enough to provide answers. So, your goal in this stage is to be found, to be heard, to be seen, and to be recognized.

Our Service in this stage:

SEO, SEM, Article, Social Media Content, Advertisement, Email Marketing

Stage 3 - Consideration

After your customers become familiar with your brand and its products, they will begin to evaluate your product as a potential solution to their problem. Simultaneously, they will start comparing your product to other competitors in terms of features, price, benefits, and more.

Our Service in this stage:

Social Media, Article, Marketing Kit, Video Marketing, Newsletter

Stage 4 - Conversion

This stage is where your brand converts any previous effort in early stages into sales. Let’s focus on how to make it easier for your potential customers to buy and increase your chances of sales.

Our Service in this stage:

E-Commerce, UI/UX, Website Development & Maintenance, Landing Page, Performance Tracking & Analysis

Stage 5 - Advocacy

Once a customer has finally made a purchase, it doesn’t end there. You have to think ahead and ensure they have the best possible after-sales experience.

When they are satisfied and love your brand, there’s a chance they’ll make repeat purchases and become loyal customers. The loyal customers often start to spread the word about your product or services.

Our Service in this stage:

Chatbot, Email Automation, Rating & review section, Social Media, Customer Service, Ticketing system

Our Clients

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals and thrive in today’s competitive market