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OK! Bank

Crafting Digital Banking Presence


OK! Bank (founded in 1991 ) is a national private bank resulting from the merger of 2 national private banks namely PT Bank Dinar Indonesia Tbk and PT Bank Oke Indonesia. To meet variety of customer demands, they offer a variety of products ranging from funding such as OK Saving Park, OK Business Savings, OK Time Deposit, OKBank Loan (Credit), and many more.



Due to the merger, OK! Bank has recently emerged as a new entity requiring an online presence to exhibit its comprehensive banking services. They looked to our expertise in UI/UX to create an appealing design for their banking website. With a multitude of products to showcase, this presented a unique challenge.


The result of our work is a website design that effectively showcases  OK! Bank’s services and the latest offers to both individuals and businesses. Customers can explore the wide range of services offered by OK! Bank, gaining immediate insight into the institution’s comprehensive offerings.

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