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In today’s convenience-focused society, people prefer the ease of shopping from their own homes rather than going to offline stores. That’s why having an e commerce website is essential to fulfill your customers’ desires and increase your chance of bigger sales. Let’s start your own ecommerce website with us!

Deliver an unparalleled online shopping experience for your customer!

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Freedom to showcasing your products with unlimited content pages

We truly understand the importance of having the ability to offer a variety of products to your customers, and our platform allows you to do just that. With our services, you can take the limits off your online business by setting up unlimited products, categories, or content pages.

You can also add as many multimedia formats as you want like images, GIFs, videos, 3D models, and even augmented reality.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Personalized online store with advanced theme customization

Unique theme customization tailored to match your brand, personality, and style, allows you to have a distinct ecommerce website design. This feature also includes mobile responsiveness to ensure your customer experience on their mobile phone.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Enhance your customer experience with a faster-loading online store

A fast website isn’t just ideal for SEO, it also saves sales you might lose to slow load times. We are committed to making sure your store loads quickly by automatically compressing all your images to the WebP format.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Connect offline & online sales with point of sales system

A fully integrated point-of-sale solution that lets you connect offline and online sales in a single place with built-in in-store pickup and local delivery options, tipping, and other must-have functionality for retail stores.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Complete option of local & international payment gateway

Choose any local or international payment gateway method that you want to integrate with your online store. We offer local payment gateway like Midtrans and Xendit or international payment like Paypal and many more.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Deliver your products with shipping and delivery integration

Getting your customers’ orders to their doorstep is a vital part of your running your ecommerce business. Make sure you can get the job done effectively by integrating shipping and delivery services into your online store.

You can choose from different methods like shipping, local delivery, and local pickup, depending on what works best for your business.

With Our Ecommerce Service You Can Get

Secure and fraud-protected E-Commerce for merchants and customers

Our e-commerce website that we build not only includes an SSL certificate as a security signal today’s shoppers look for, but also has a built-in fraud analysis tool that helps protect your store from fraudulent orders and chargebacks.

Looking for an Extra Features? Try These

Add-Ons Integrations

Try these several add-ons to support your ecommerce website unique goals!
Store Migration

Migrating from other e-Commerce systems to our ecommerce website


Connecting your inventory with other marketplaces

Chatbots & FAQ System

Automate your response to customer chats & emails

Custom Landing Page

Specialized landing pages for your Ads or other goals

Email Marketing System

Automate email campaigns, including subscriber discounts, abandoned cart reminders, & more

Push Notification

Push Notifications strategy direct to customers’ devices and web pages

Rating & Review System

Add review and rating system that are tied to what customers bought

Affiliates Program

Incentivizing current customers to refer new customers with special deals and rewards for successful recommendations

Whatsapp Marketing System

Automated Messages, Abandoned Cart, Order Notifications and more

Selling in Whatsapp

Sell products and catalogs directly in WhatsApp while syncing to Shopify

E-Gift Card System

Allow customers to schedule & send E-Gift Cards for their friends and families

SEO Implementation

SEO & Image Alt Optimization with meta tags the way Google likes it

Dozens of E-commerce website created

Each project is unique and needs a different approach to ensure our e-commerce creation meet the exact needs and specifications of our clients

Trusted by 60+ satisfied clients

These brands already utilize our expertise to craft a reliable online presence or other services that works perfectly with their business requirements.

The Best Bet for Brands That Value Quality


Regardless of the complexity, our commitment to deliver exceptional results remain unwavering

Expert Developer

11+ years of web expertise to guarantee quality online store results


Utilizing our vast network, creativity, and innovative problem solving to ensure you get exactly the online store you need

Quality Oriented

Committed to providing high quality online store website and ensuring that your plans are realized and your goals are achieved

Easy To Reach

Maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the entire process

Feedback Integration

Your feedback is actively incorporated ensuring the final deliverable exceeds your expectations


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