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Cahaya Naturals

Bringing Nature's Best to Sensitive Skin Worldwide

Cahaya Naturals, a leading skincare brand, specializes in creating products for sensitive skin using natural ingredients. This commitment stems from the founders’ experiences abroad, where they discovered gentle skincare solutions for sensitive skin. However, upon returning to Indonesia, they recognized a gap in the market for such products.



They aimed to introduce their science-based, gentle skincare solutions inspired by Indonesia’s rich botanical resources to a global audience. To achieve this, they needed a digital platform that not only showcased their products but also conveyed their values and educational content. 


We provided Cahaya Naturals with a Shopify-based e-commerce website to showcase their natural skincare products. We also designed their social media posts to raise awareness about their products, educate the audience, and engage with their followers. This has enabled Cahaya Naturals to fulfill its mission by offering and informing audiences about their natural-based skincare products as solutions for sensitive skin care without triggering any side effects.

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